Acai-Man “A Real Cocktail of Pure Energy!”


Natural complement to facilitate erection and boost sexual as well it being a powerful antioxidant that combats free radicals which cause our bodies to deteriorate.


Acai-man mangosteen fruit juice is the most stimulating and suggestive to regain the desire and virility in men and women. Contains powerful ingredients like Acai fruit, also known as “natural Viagra” and guarana which has aphrodisiac properties. Acai-man mangosteen is your perfect choice for seduction.
Key Benefits : *Stimulate Sexual Desire *Cholesterol *Arthritis *Providing vitality and energy *To Facilitate the Erection *Blood Pressure *Impotence * Cellular Oxidation *Weakness *Urinary Tract Infections *Improve Circulation
Ingredients: • Acai • Damiana california • Guarana • Maca • Saw palmetto * Mangosteen Vitamin C, B3, B7, B5, B6, B9 • Minerals • Romero • L-Taurine • L-Arginine • Noni • Mangosteen • Pumpkin seeds
Suggested Use: Take a Glass of Acai-man measuring 20ml per day